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Acrylic Paint Pouring Class - Ring Pour Technique

Acrylic Paint Pouring - Ring Pour TechniqueAll-Level Fluid Art Class Focusing on the Ring Pour Technique, also known as Tree Ring Pour Painting.  Explore the fun and fascinating world of acrylic paint pouring.  Create two 8” x 10” acrylic pour paintings using the popular ring pour technique…it’s almost magical. You bring the paint and I’ll provide the rest.  Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this Acrylic Pouring class:  • What the ring pour technique is and why it’s so much fun. • How to mix your acrylic paints to the proper consistency. • How to layer your paints in the pouring cup. • Different ring pour methods and materials. • How to apply a base coat of paint to your canvas. • Create two beautiful paintings you’ll be proud of. • How to finish your painting when it’s dry. • The supplies you need to continue acrylic pouring at home. • Lots of additional tips and tricks.  Acrylic pouring is fun and easy to learn when you follow my simple step by step process. Perfect for beginners and more experienced painters alike. No art experience is necessary to start paint pouring.  Instructor will provide the following supplies:  • Two 8”x10” stretched canvases, prepped and ready to go. • 2 painting trays for safely transporting your paintings home. • Paint mixing cups • Paint measuring guide • Stir sticks • Nitrile gloves • Step by step instructions handout • Supplies and tips handout • Paint mixing formula handout • Pouring medium & water (for in-class use) • White paint for base coat and mixing (for in-class use) • Palette knives (for in-class use)   Student must bring the following to participate in class. NOTE: Each 4 oz tube of paint is enough for two people if you plan on bringing a friend to class.  • One 4 0z tube - Liquitex Basics - Dioxazine Purple • One 4 0z tube - Liquitex Basics - Brilliant or Cerulean Blue • One 4 0z tube - Liquitex Basics - Gold   FAQs   Can my kids attend this class with me? Yes, as long as they are at least 12 years old. I’ve never done anything like this before, is this class for me? Absolutely. You don’t need any prior experience to create beautiful paintings. I will teach you everything you need to know. Can I take my paintings home with me? Yes of course. I provide paint trays with covers so you can safely transport your paintings home. Be sure to take off the covers once you’re home so the paintings can dry. Will I be able to create paintings at home after this class? Yes. My goal is to teach you everything you need to know to continue creating paintings at home if you wish. You will have handouts walking you through the steps and all my paint mixing formulas and measuring tools. Is this class really messy? I like to keep things tidy but paint pouring can be messy so I provide gloves and a disposable apron for you. I recommend wearing clothes you wouldn’t mind getting paint on because you never know when accidents might happen.   How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Call or text or email Brad at (858) 682-5400 Or   What's the refund policy? You can refund up to one day before the event.

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