This is a past event.

American Red Cross-Standard First Aid by First Aid Gone Wild-Blended Online Learning with in Class Focus on Outdoor Activites and Hands On Skills

This course is open to Sierra Club leader candidates, COL 1, COL 2, outdoor adventurers/enthusiats, and general public. Earn your American Red Cross First Aid Certification and discover how to manage in wilderness situations.  First Aid Gone Wild Classes are focused on wilderness activites.  This Class is a basic First Aid class and does not replace Wilderness and Remote First Aid.  This class is a blended online learning activity with in class attention focused on outdoor concerns and skill pracitce.  This Standard First Aid only and does not include CPR/AED.  If you are interested in adding those certificates, please email your instructor about adding these courses to your certificate. American Red Cross: Proud Provider of American Red Cross First Aid, CPR and AED Training.