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"Animated Laughter with Feelings"

"Animated Laughter with Feelings" class and practice is based on many years of experience addressing dissonant "emotions". Emotions deceive often our thinking! The practice reflects the book above, "I Dare to Heal with Laughter" by the author and class facilitator Joel Vorensky, BBA, Business Administration, BA, Education, M.A. Human Behavior Psychology, National University. The book took eight years to write because of my desire to share the treasure of "Animated Laughter with Feelings". The practice is grounded in the circular connected breath. We have fun through laughter by processing emotion after learning the circular connected breath technique or we just do it! "Animated Laughter with Feelings" is instinctive and occurs naturally.    The Breath Technique is centuries old and has been used by many to process effectively physical and emotional dissonant energy. The processing of emotional and physical pain is an overwhelming challenge for humankind. After learning “Animated Laughter with Feelings” one has developed a technique where the instantaneous, instantaneous, instantaneous release of healing hormones and processing of pain is immediate! When "enough" release, letting go and surrendering is achieved a healthy, happy, and a better positive attitude results. The video, "Animated Laughter with Feelings" shares with the viewer the process. However, the video is to be used to process emotion after learning the technique in the class. It is not a video to be watched over and over again. It’s a technique to be practiced over and over again. It’s to be practiced when it’s needed.  The class is both theory and process.    “Animated Laughter with Feelings” is effective in resolving hurt/trauma/anxiety/depression. It is proven over many years of practice.  However, one must have patience with oneself and be “willing” to learn the technique. It is golden!   Presently, there are over 19,300 views of the video. The class has a total focused approach which includes, introductions, enthusiastic fun, self-talk with the bio-energetic exercises (open) to facilitate access to emotion, learning effective inhale, self-talk of “connection”, learning effective exhale (self-talk of “think laughter”), repetitive discharge (two ten minute laughter sessions), guided meditation, silent mediation Sanskrit music, slapstick to deceive body defenses, self-appreciation, gratitude, looking forward and sharing exercises.    The result is a natural high because of the release dynamically of the hormones, endorphins, opioids, anti-aging, t-cells, antibodies, and serotonin as well as a decrease of secretions of the stress hormones epinephrine, cortisol, and dopamine.   This is a proven technique to open, connect with and discharge/process inhibiting restrictive energies in a healthy, fun and loving way. We focus on being gentle and kind to and with ourselves. It's important to bring a thin mattress and/or blankets with you to the class since "Animated Laughter with Feelings is practiced mainly on your back on a mattress and/or with blankets.   Additional results include improving flexible intelligence improving relationships, creating financial independence, greater alertness, and awareness, resiliency in life relationships and life responsibilities.  Conquering pain! In summary this really works!      Water and restrooms are provided. Please come promptly at 2:30p.m. Doors close at 3:00p.m.  Catalyst Physical Therapy Studio, 1331 Camino Del Rio S. Suite 103, San Diego, CA. 92108.  Please register on  Veterans with a PTSD Diagnosis, No Charge but must notify me at jVorensky@sciti.comseveral days beforehand. This is an evolutionary and fun approach to addressing the spectrum of dissonant emotion/upset as well as physical pain.  The fee is minimum to cover costs of $40.00 per person. Registration is on, San Diego, “Animated Laughter with Feelings” and the class is in a beautiful studio that facilitates the process. A zestful attitude is always preferable practicing “ALWF”.

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