This is a past event.

BodyPlay ~ Learn Intuitive Massage with Amaura & Dave Booda

We're doing another! The first workshop sold out in a few weeks, and we're so happy to do more of this.This workshop will be in Amaura's most excellent Aum Dome, which is a beautiful geodesic dome located at a tranquil home in Encinitas. Due to the amount of instruction and hands-on work we want to do, this workshop will be limited to 12 participants. Here are a few of the take-aways from the event: • Get more comfortable "listening" to your hands, and knowing what bodies need by feeling, instead of thinking • Work with the Aum Dome's 6 yoga swings and experiment with different ways of massaging when your partner is hanging• Ongoing 1-on-1 instruction from Amaura and Booda on ways you can deepen your connection with the people you massage.• Practice working with different bodies and adjusting to different needs.• Practice getting outside of your "routine", especially if you're someone who does massages regularly and wants to find greater self-expression.• Practice the oh-so-important art of receiving!!! Understand what it takes to help your partners become better receivers.• Get communication skills you can use in your life to deepen intimacy, especially around touch.• Learn real, applicable massage techniques that you can customize for your own use.• Find freedom in massaging people without a massage table or the need for massage oil.• Learn to use different parts of your body to massage for greater ease and pleasure to you — the giver!• Learn to dance with your partners instead of feeling stuck in the give/take cycle.• And so much more...Price is $50 per person, space is limited to 12 people and if you sign up before May 19th there is a $10 early bird discount.For questions or more info, contact Dave Booda at or here on Facebook.

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