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Continuing Education: Light & Health

Light and Health – What do we know and how can we use it in our designs? So much is being written today about light and health, circadian rhythm, melatonin and our non-visual system that it is hard to keep up with the latest news and research.  This talk will endeavor to distill that information down to something that is understandable, and actionable.  We will briefly look at how the eye is the window to our visual and non-visual systems, an overview of recent relevant research relative to electric light and daylight, 5 keys to entrainment, the differences between Circadian Stimulus and Melanopic Lux, how the WELL standard fits in and end with some food for thought. Learning Objectives Understand the five elements of circadian entrainment and how they can be used to develop effective interior lighting. Understand the key differences between melanopic lux and circadian stimulus and why it matters Review key elements of lighting in the WELL standard Understand the differences in how light entering the eye impacts the visual and non-visual systems.

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