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Upcoming Events

    Self Care For Stress Management

    Wed., July 24, 12:30 p.m.
    Downtown Works Co-Working 550 West B Street, San Diego

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    Stress, we are all familiar with its presence, but are we aware of its affects? According to the National Institute of Health, stress accounts for about 75-90% of all doctors’ visits. That means that everything from digestion to immunity to pain is influenced by the stress we experience, regardless of whether or not we acknowledge it. During Self Care for Stress Management, Licensed Acupuncturist Erica Sloan will discuss how the body reacts to stress and the importance of preventative health care for a long, productive life. She will also give simple self care tools that can be easily added to your routine to combat stress, as well as give non-invasive more

    You Need This - to do Tomorrow Better!

    Wed., July 31, 12:30 p.m.
    Downtown Works Co-Working 550 West B Street, San Diego

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    Are you overrun with emails? Can't get control of your inbox? THEN, this Lunch & Learn content is for you! Please join us as Janina Goldberg facilitates an insightful workshop on how to get control of your inbox NOW! A disorganized email inbox is costing you a lot more than you may think. Complete questionnaire BEFORE event to jump into the content. You’ll walk away with: awareness of your current situation (the data) the cost to you and your business of your current email management practices tips to clear emails that are cluttering your inbox (aka ‘the noise’) a new practice and inspiring framework of working smarter in email more