Entrepreneurs...Start Your Own Educational Center That's Fueled With Grants. 

Price: $499
Knowledge Is Power. You Possess Knowledge.  Build A Knowledge-Based Business. ... We Believe... Your knowledge and experience is worth millions.Your story can change lives.Your gifts are too important to stay hidden.Your talents are too masterful to be stay buried. You have an obligation to share the gifts you've been given, and the insights that you've gained over the years. We Know... How to help you build your organization from scratch.How to help you create engaging and high-converting ads on social and digital platforms.How to help you turn your knowledge into courses and programs.How to get your organization registered as a tax-free entity.How to get your organization fueled with $100,000+ in grants every year. The last point bears another repetition... We know how to get your educational center funded with over $100,000 a year in grants. ... Imagine the number of people you can educate and empower if you received over $100,000 a year (for life) to promote your educational courses and programs. ... Walk away with... * A Strategic Roadmap to help you create your organization * A clear idea of who your customers are and how you can help them * A variety of message(s) to attract potential customers * A business model that can be fueled with a lifetime of grants * A sharper and more focused business and personal vision ... REFUNDS: We will refund 100% of your ticket price if you are not fully satisfied with the blueprint that we will help you create. Just let us know during or right after the call and we'll refund the ticket cost to you. We want to make this a "no-brainer" offer and eliminate the risk. ... In a nutshell, you will get the opportunity to create a detailed business blueprint that you can put into action immediately after the call. It will guide you through this process and give you insight into a business model that we're sure you've never considered. The beauty of this BUSINESS MODEL is that it can work with almost any industry.
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