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Filipino Martial Arts Demo & Workshop

Filipino American Arts & Culture Festival (FilAmFest) presents the Filipino Martial Arts Demo & Workshop by Doce Pares San Diego. Saturday, September 14, 2019 11:00AM - 12:00PM Skyline Hills Public Library (7900 Paradise Valley Rd, San Diego, CA 92114) FREE with RSVP! "Eskrima is unique from all other martial arts because the teaching approach is geared towards developing coordination through a variety of weaponry training- primarily sticks, but also daggers and swords. Similar and related movements and principles are then applied to empty hand applications.  Although this makes Eskrima a weapons-based art, effective, proven, deadly and practical empty hand techniques completethe system." About Doce Pares: Doce Pares is actually the conglomeration of various styles that each founding Master brought into the organization when it was formed in 1932. There were those who favored the Corto (Close Range) while some had Medium or Long Range and even Espada Y Daga (Long and Short Blade) as their specialty. Each style complimented each other and it was indeed to the credit of the leaders of the group that despite the varying styles and principles, they managed to keep the organization intact for so long. Because of this, subsequent members or followers were naturally taught with the different styles that each original Master introduced.This is precisely the one reason that some people are misled even until now about the real style of Doce Pares. Through the years, some Masters have tried to put together and embody in one system these varying principles and styles, and this is what the Doce Pares System is about. Still, there are those who maintain partiality towards a specific type of style (i.e. Corto, Media Larga, Largo Mano, Espada y Daga) and yet still remain, highly regarded exponents of the system. Presently, the Doce Pares Club – San Diego Council (locations in San Diego,  Chula Vista and Murrieta/ Temecula ) and it’s Headquarters in Banilad, Cebu City, Philippines, maintains and preserves the legacy of Doce Pares Eskrima by teaching the curriculum of the Doce Pares Original “Multi-Style” System of Eskrimain addition to the system of San Miguel Eskrima. About FilAmFest: FilAmFest is one of the largest annual public celebrations of Philippine arts and cultural folkways in the San Diego region. FilAmFest is committed to representing the diversity of Philippine cultures from both established and emerging artists in traditional and contemporary arts. We are working towards building a movement that educates the community and empowers individuals to engage our cultures.

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