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Heroes on the Water SoCal Chapter: Tidelands Park

*******PLEASE READ IN IT’S ENTIRETY BEFORE SELECTING A TICKET******* The Southern California Chapter of Heroes On The Water welcomes you to the 2018 season!  We look forward to getting to know you and sharing some memorable times out on the water.  Please read the rules as they contain pertinent information and will assist us in helping you.  Thank you!   PLEASE BE ON TIME!!!  Volunteers, please arrive between 6 and 6:30am. Heroes, please arrive no later than 7:15am. Rules: HOW events are ALCOHOL FREE. BE ON TIME.  There is a mandatory safety briefing at 7:45. The sooner you arrive, the more time you get to spend on the water! Vets/guests are to remain with their mentor for the duration of their time on the water. You MUST wear your PFD the entire time you are out in a kayak.  This is non negotiable for guests and volunteers alike. You are ONLY guaranteed a seat by selecting an available ticket. IMPORTANT: If an unforseen circumstance arises and you will not be present, please UNREGISTER your seat by contacting Becky Westlund at 760-877-5221 /, or Mike Weist at  There are other waitlisted "Heroes" who can benefit from that seat and volunteers who have given their time to support our “Heroes” As a courtesy to other guests when registering, please select no more than 2 TICKETS per individual. If you would like more seats, please contact Becky or Mike. Tandem kayaks are for individuals that require assistance while paddling, those with small children, or those with service animals. Please call before selecting a tandem kayak and we will work together to decide the best option for your individual situation. An event will not be cancelled due to rain in the forecast alone.  If an event is going to be cancelled due to rain, YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED IN ADVANCE.  We closely monitor the weather with YOUR SAFETY in mind. Food will be provided ,but you are welcome to bring your own snacks/food/drinks if you have special needs/preferences. Those who have signed up for previous events and "no showed", are kindly asked to refrain from the next consecutive event. HAVE FUN! Please bring your families!  Our volunteer staff at HOW SoCal loves to see the family having a great time with one another.  Please remember that this event is meant to reach out and touch the lives of those who truly need the therapy that being on the water provides them.   If you have any further questions, contact our Community Outreach Coordinator, Becky Westlund, at 760-877-5221 / or Chapter President, Mike Weist at Here are a few things that might make you a little more comfortable while hanging out with us. Beach Chair Sunscreen Beach Towel Snacks Hat

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