I Am Enough Summit 

Price: $15-$40
DO YOUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS HAVE SUCH A TIGHT GRIP ON YOU THAT YOU FEEL LIKE YOU CAN'T ESCAPE? DO YOU FEEL LIKE SOMETHING IS MISSING FROM YOUR LIFE? ARE YOU LOOKING TO TRANSFORM YOUR MINDSET AND BECOME EMPOWERED? ARE YOU LOOKING TO CONNECT WITH OTHER WOMEN? The six basic human needs in our life including love, connection, growth, progress, variety, certainty and significance and when these needs are not met we can begin to believe we are not enough. These are common concerns that may try to hinder you from maximizing your potential as a mother, community leader and/or a woman in business. We all have challenges: whether it be with our health, career, relationships, etc. but it is how we deal with these challenges that allows us to either stay stuck or begin creating the life we truly desire! Let’s end this sense of feeling STUCK and let’s create a roadmap that will help you begin to believe you are ENOUGH! We want to encourage you and create a community of women that not only believe they are enough, but support other women to know the same.  Join us at the I Am ENOUGH Summit and take the first step in discovering your true self and creating a mindset for SUCCESS! We believe that when we live loved and know we are enough that we will live out our calling, find joy and be able to make an impact.  We will discuss a range of issues, events and experiences for the purpose of creating positive change so that you can experience your life more fully. The summit will provide you with an opportunity to better and more deeply understand yourself. Learn how to overcome sabotaging patterns and mental blocks so that you can create positive strategies and healthier habits for your Mind, Body, & Soul. Walk away with simple strategies to help you take action. Begin to experience complete transformation, increased self-esteem, confidence and clarity to BODLY take the next big step in your life. We want to encourage you and create a community of women that not only believe they are enough, but support other women to know the same.  IT'S TIME TO OWN YOUR LIFE AND STEP INTO YOUR GREATNESS! Your ticket to this event will include: Presentations by Industry Leaders, a dessert bar (yes including wine), self empowerment activities, swag goodies and gifts, raffles, photos, private FB community for event attendees only, a book signing with Megan Fenyoe and an opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors so be sure to bring your buisness cards! Event Details: Featuring 2 speakers, Dessert bar, vendors, self empowerment activities, networking opportunities, giveaways, private FB community for event attendees only and a book signing with Megan Fenyoe. Date: Thursday March 21st, 2019 Time: 6pm-8:30pm  Location:Co-mmunity Cowork LaJolla  Price:  $25: General Admission $15: Active Duty and Veterans $40: Bring a friend! 2 General Admission tickets  How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Contact Megan Fenyoe at megan@meganfenyoe.com or Chantel Mathson at teawithchantel@yahoo.com with any questions!
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