Introducing the World's First & Only 'STEM CELL ACTIVATION PATCH' 

The X39 STEM CELL PATCH ACTIVATES OUR OWN STEM CELLS! Clinical studies show Age-Reversal of our skin and major organs- in just weeks! 100% Safe, Effective & Affordable Benefits Include:  Increased Cellular Energy  Deeper and More Restful Sleep   Rapid Reduction in Pain & Inflammation   Reorganize your DNA to a Younger State  Skin becomes more firm with Increased Collagen   Restorative Recovery & Accelerated Wound Healing MEET THE INVENTOR and LifeWave, Inc CEO David Schmidt for this enlightening presentation. Arrive between 6:30 and 6:45pm and enjoy some light food and glass of wine. Presentation 7pm. Please contact Brad Hunsaker for questions @ 760-845-2905 or visit
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