Practical Steps to Improve Your Self-Confidence & Thus Improve Your Business! 

Neo works with entrepreneurs in neutralizing unconscious mental blocks to improve personal, team, and sales performance.  He will touch on the following topics: Remove Mental Blocks to Achieve Your Goals Faster, Easier and Cheaper Discover Your Source of Motivation to Build a Successful Business & Wealth Learn the Secrets of Human Behavior to Gain More Social Influence Neo has a very compeling life changing story to share, which he turned into a thriving business.  Today he works with co-founders, startup founders, to CEOs, business owners, sales teams, celebrities, actors, and entrepreneurs globally, helping them to improve their sales performance and achieve a more effective team dynamic.  Neo knows first hand how different levels of stress effect our daily performance.  He learned and now shares practical tools to restore self-worth, and turn stress into an advantage!
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