PS - Before You Say "I Do" - Military Marriage Preparation Seminar 

P.S. - Before You Say I Do Help to make sure the you and your fiance(e) are ready to tie the knot!  This highly informative program is designed to help military members and thier fiances prepare to marriage in the military.  You and your loved one will learn vital information for your new or soon-to-be-marriage from subject matter experts about: Realistic vs. Unrealistic Expectations in Marriage Financial Counseling and Support Resources Family Advocacy Program Support Marine Family Life Counselor (MFLC) Financial Counselor Resources Healthy Communication Navy Chaplain Resources ... and more! Marines & Sailors are HIGHLY encouraged to attend this seminar with your fiance or spouse.  Inquire about command incentives to attend this seminar with your loved one. WHO:   Any active duty and DOD civilians who have access to MCAS Miramar and your spouse/fiancee are welcome and encouraged to attend this seminar.  Registration is required. WHEN:   PS-BYSID provide my the MAG-11 Religious Ministry Team on the 3rd Thursday of every month.  The seminary starts at 0800 and ends before 1600. WHERE:   The HUB (Bldg 5305) classroom #6, MCAS Miramar, San Diego. WHAT TO WEAR:   Appropriate civilian attire is required for this class. DO NOT WEAR YOUR UNIFORM! ASSIGNED DUTY:   Attending this seminar is consired your assigned place of duty after you are registered.  You must have your supervisor's permission to attend.  If you do not work day shift, your supervisor will be expected to allow you to NOT work at least one night adjacent to this seminar.  You will recieve a certificate after completing this seminar to verify completion. COMMAND REQUIREMENT:   Completion of this seminar is required for E-5 and below Marines & Sailors attached to MAG-11 squadrons and headquarters prior to getting married.  Many local commands have similar requirements. Questions?  Please contact the MAG-11 Chaplain's Office for more information call us at 858-577-4443.  We hope to see you there!
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