This is a past event.

SHINE Women’s Day Retreat in La Jolla

Immerse yourself in a stunning Pacific Ocean view from a roof top Solarium Overlooking world famous La Jolla shores, “The Jewel City” & Gift yourself with a day of healing, love and expansion. This is a day-long retreat meant to rejuvenate, restore and nourish you. Experience identifying blocks that have held you back and learn how to identify and heal them in a safe and loving space. Learn how to get crystal clear on what you want to bring more of what you desire into your life: more peace, more love, more abundance. Learn the importance of receiving as a tool for Self-Care and how to come from Love not Fear in life. When we allow ourselves to be our best, most authentic selves in live, there is a flow, that creates more grace and ease in life. All in the beautiful and healing setting of beach-front resort with fresh salty air in the beautiful and picturesque paradise of La Jolla, the seaside village whose beauty has long inspired artists. “Shine like the whole Universe is Yours” ~Rumi Because you are meant to be, do and have meaningful & fulfilling experiences in your life But when life happens you forget how precious and unique you are Now is the time to open up, look ahead and expand your your mind, body and spirit This is why..On a beautiful summer day, two women who are experts in their field decided to hold your hand and spend a day with you to inspire you & empower you To relax, energize, experience and learn: Inner Peace and tranquility How to initiate it and most importantly how to maintain it despite life’s challenges "sounds too good to be true? It is possible and we will show you how" Learn how Stop the chatter in your mind Learn how to release and heal your hidden emotions and painful memories "we all have them!" that are no longer serving you Freedom Let go of your doubts, fears, inner chatter that kept you stuck or feeling unfulfilled Free yourself from overthinking, stories, beliefs "Some of those you are even unaware of!" that are holding you back and hindering your success & prosperity Clarity Relax, Envision, and get equipped with success principles to carry out your vision to fruition Problem Solving and Flexibility Learn how to Turn your breakdowns to breakthroughs & Transform your challenges into opportunities Leave feeling Inspired Empowered Expansive Energized & Ready to Shine Your beautiful light that is within you so you can transform your own life and touch people around you in the most meaningful ways possible “People are like stained - glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” ~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Allow us to help you ignite the light within Gift Bags, Lunch, coffee and tea included Grab your ticket today at the Early Bird special listed here of 25% off for a limited time. {original price is $197}  Seats are limited. If you are a sponsor and you would like to exhibit yoru product or service at our retreat, please email us first at:    The first 5 sponsors will get the Early Bird price!!! Lovingly, Ruba & Catherine

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