Sleep Troubles? Let's Talk! 

Price: $10
Sleep Troubles? Not able to fall asleep, stay asleep, or not feeling rested in the morning? Let's talk!Dr. Emily Poccia, ND. and Dr. Tslil Feinberg, Psy.D. will be discussing the major reasons people have difficulty with sleep and what to do about it!When we don't get enough sleep it can totally disturb our functioning throughout the day. It is a primary reason for lack of energy, focus, and even recurrent illness and inflammation levels. Lack of sleep can cause increases in cholesterol and stress on the cardiovascular system. It is a driving force of anxiety and other mood disorders as well.Dr. Feinberg is a Clinical Psychologist and owner of the Center for Anxiety Sleep and Trauma (CAST) Wellness Online. She works with patients locally and around the globe to support anxiety and sleep issues which are often intricately connected. Come hear her talk and learn valuable information to help you sleep better and feel better!
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