Something About the Asian Girls (a Cosmos Gathering) 

Price: $6-$8
Something About the Asian Girls is the inaugural event for The Cosmos::San Diego, hosted by City Ambassadors Stacey Uy and Hailey Mitsui.  Something About the Asian Girls is an interactive art experience that honors Asian women through history who resisted the stereotypes that still underestimate us today. Get to know a new class of matriarchs, and celebrate a legacy of rule breaking and courage that is ours to inherit. This will be one part art show, one part discussion and one part community building.  The Cosmos is a community for Asian Women to flourish and thrive. Our vision is to create a new paradigm that considers our diversity as people, values our wellbeing as individuals, and defines our right to thrive on our own terms. Our community is inclusive of self-identifying women, femmes, gender nonconforming, queer, and transgender individuals of Asian, Pacific Islander, South Asian, and mixed race descent. Because of space, we are limiting this initial gathering to 30 people. We recommend registering early.
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