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Starship Congress 2019

Starship Congress 2019: "Bend Metal" What is the Terrestrial Business Case for Interstellar-Grade Technologies? Startup entrepreneurship groups, venture capitalists and funding bodies encourage us to fall forward, keep trying, and keep dreaming big; keep working towards that moonshot - the transformative innovation that will change everything. At Starship Congress this year we will explore the business case for Interstellar. To that end, we will bring together entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists and business groups to present ideas and create opportunities for how interstellar-class ideas can lead to marketable products and businesses today, on Earth, so we can develop those technologies we will need to BUILD A STARSHIP. We will work together to generate ideas and present paths for concept design, rapid prototype development, business incubation, marketing, sales, distribution, fundraising, automation, and industrialization - with a focus on the technologies that will create the interstellar industrial basis needed for sustained, long term human space exploration and inhabitation. We need interstellar-grade solutions for shielding, energy storage, interplanetary communications, food, sustainability, robotics, AI, and automation that have contemporary terrestrial applications, which can create quantum leaps in materials, technologies, processes, and services across Earth, which inevitably lead to a permanent "urban" human presence in space. " Can we work backwards from technologies needed to BUILD A STARSHIP to fill current commercial market NEEDS, which will in turn sustain their growth into the future? " We call on innovators, inventors, futurists, thinkers, entrepreneurs, project managers, business consultants, funders, investors, angels and venture capitalists, as well as on state and federal economic development agencies to come together at this meeting, were we will challenge ourselves and each other to "Bend Metal."   Conference Information: Three (3) day conference. Starship Congress is a single track conference, as we want everyone together to join the experience and conversation. Panels for innovators and for Funders/Venture capital group representatives discussing industry needs. Evening workshops/hackathons, friendly and intimate environments for business concept incubation and brainstorming.   Call for Papers and Agenda: To be announced.

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