The Accelerated Leadership Academy presents Beyond Limits 

Price: $97-$197
WHO IS THIS FOR: Business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers ... People who are stuck and in their own way. Those who don’t know which way to go. People who aren’t achieving their goals. Finding it hard to get started/keep going. More talk, and less walk, regarding success. Dreamers who aren’t taking real action. Those who don’t understand who they are. Those behind on their goals for the year or who struggle getting started. WHAT WE’LL DO IN 2 DAYS: We’ll assess your core strengths, beliefs, limitations, and how you think about yourself that might be affecting how you are or are not making progress. You’ll learn skills that will help you start, build and accelerate your momentum. You’ll pick up new networking skills to help you meet new people who might take you where you want to go and faster. How to resolve and overcome difficult conversations. You’ll learn how to identify your blind spots and manage your emotions in the most challenging time. RESULTS YOU’LL WALK AWAY WITH: You’ll also design a more clear vision for the future. You’ll learn the language of success. You’ll map out the goals for the year. Mastermind with a supportive community so you can overcome challenges throughout the year.
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