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Trauma Informed Caregiving: Complete a Comprehensive Self-Care Plan (Session 6)

Early educators are at risk of experiencing the toxic stress that comes with working with children and families impacted by trauma. The YMCA CRS Foster Child Care Bridge Program is providing training opportunities to assist providers in fostering a greater understanding of trauma-informed care and gain the knowledge necessary to combat burnout, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue. Participants will have the opportunity to explore areas of challenge and success concerning self- care and develop a plan that maximizes the provider’s ability to stay emotionally balanced and motivated to deliver the highest level of service possible. Session 6: Complete a Comprehensive Self-Care Plan. In order for Self-Care to be effective, we as Care Providers need to be proactive in hopes to lessen the effects stress that may come with challenges faced when working with children who have had traumatic experiences. Self-Care should be a daily practice that helps reduce the likelihood of burnout and compassion fatigue. It is a way of making our bodies and minds stronger, creating a strong foundation to give the best care.  In this third module, we will help you create a self-care plan that will fit your demanding schedule. For additional information please email   Join the ECE Workforce Registry at   The California (CA) Early Care and Education (ECE) Workforce Registry is a web-based system designed to track and promote the employment, training, and education accomplishments of the early care and education ECE teachers and providers.   **Approved for SD CARES Professional Development Hours**

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